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Synthetic grass

Our synthetic grass products are 100% Australian Owned and 100% Australian Made by "TEAM Sports"

Synthetic Grass has now advanced to the point where there are products for EVERY application including
- tennis court
- netball courts
- basketball courts
- multisport courts
- school playgrounds
- backyards
- ANY area that has real grass (dirt, mud, dead grass . . .)

Our state of the art "3rd Generation" artificial grass is FIFA (Football/Soccer) and IRB (Rugby) recognised.
If you have no real grass left then ask us about these and other recreational product as we WILL solve your problems on this issue leaving you with a "lawn" that is great all year round despite the weather!

All the tennis court surface products and other products come with an extensive manufacturers warranty.

We are happy to provide free samples of all our tennis court surface products.

For a free quote please phone phone 9674 5888, or email us.

Acrylic (Hard) courts

We use the very best products for all our tennis courts surfaces, netball court surfaces, basketball court surfaces, and multi-sport court surfaces.
Our surface applicators are experienced and focused on providing a high quality finish on every job.

There are 10 standard colours in our range or you can have a special colour made up for a small additional cost.

These hard court surfaces are extremely hard wearing and provides the perfect all weather sports surface at a very affordable price.

For a free quote please phone phone 9674 5888, or email us.

Rebound Ace Grandslam

We are suppliers and installers of Rebound Ace products.
Their cushioned acrylic surface is great for anyone wanting to look after ankle, knee nad hips joints.
It comes in 5mm or 8mm thickness options and is therefore ideal for childrens sports where falls are common and for us older players who need some comfort.

It is the ultimate Tennis Court, Netball Court, and Multi Sport surface in the world and is therefore the product of choice for clients wanting nothing but the best.

For a free quote please phone phone 9674 5888, or email us.

Enviro clay courts

Our "Enviro Clay" tennis court surface has next to no maintenance requirements so you can play on real clay without all the work. No rolling, re filling, repairing, etc!

Real Clay Court ball bounce, ball speed, slide, appearance, everything!
You will be amazed by how good it is!

In addition to the Enviro Clay Courts we will soon have a specialist clay court expert working for us. He is French and has knowledge and experience that is no longer available in Oz - until now! His CV includes working at Roland Garros on the French Open courts so we look forward to him joining our team shortly.