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School playgrounds and sports courts are often combined into one with new Synthetic Grass surfaces or Painted Acrylic Surfaces. We have extensive experience in helping schools improve their playgrounds and sports areas. Your ideas or our ideas - it costs nothing to talk, site visit, quote, etc :)
We can
- convert rough asphalt into fantastic playgrounds with colours and line markings to suite every request. Synthetic grass or Acrylics or maybe a combination.
- convert dusty, dirty, muddy, dangerous "grass" areas into beautiful areas that never require water. Our "3rd Generation" artificial grass has to be seen to be believed - ie it is NOT tennis court synthetic grass!
- build/renovate sports courts for all uses. The more multi use (Tennis/Basketball/Netball/Volleyball/etc) the better for most schools so just ask.
- anything that you play on is covered by us!
Below are pictures of just a few of our projects to give you an idea of what we can do for you from as little as $14 per square meter!

For a free quote please phone phone 9674 5888, or email us.